Providing therapy and counseling for mental health problems can be complicated, and not every approach will work out with every individual. Many therapists and psychiatric care service professional uses different approaches to handling the issues at hand.

If you’re trying to learn more about mental health illnesses, their causes, and more importantly how professionals tend to take care of them, it’s time you take a closer look at some of the most basic and commonly used approaches.

Here are the top 4 approaches to therapy and counseling that you will find in the field. Let’s explore each of them here!

Psychodynamic Therapies

Psychoanalysis or psychodynamic therapies come from the work of Sigmund Freud who studied the presence and working of the unconscious mind. Similarly, psychodynamic therapies focus on helping individuals change behavior, habits, feelings, and more with the help of their subconscious feelings and motivations.

With the help of self-examination and self-reflection, patients are able to address the underlying psychological roots and reasons for all their emotional baggage.

Behavioral Therapy

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One of the most common approaches to addressing behavioral health disorders is through the study and application of behavioral therapy. This approach focuses on the belief that behaviors can be learned and unlearned given the right circumstances and situations.

The strategies used in behavioral therapy can help reduce self-destructive and unhealthy behavior and replace it with positive behavior. Some of the most common types of strategies used in this approach are desensitizing, operant conditioning, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The Cognitive Approach

While the former two approaches focused on behavior and the subconscious act of doing things, the cognitive approach focuses on how a person thinks and how their thought process affects their actions.

Therapists using this approach will try to highlight dysfunctional thinking patterns and try to break them down to create behavior that is beneficial for the person.

Humanistic Approach

The humanistic approach to handling mental health disorders will focus on the individual and how their capacity affects choices, behaviors, and thinking patterns. One of the key elements to establishing a positive humanistic approach is to establish concern and respect for the people around a patient.

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