An anxious person attending a phone call.

5 Signs You Should Talk With Your Doctor About Anxiety

There are times when even the calmest people feel anxious. Perhaps a major exam or work deadline is approaching, or you’re excited yet nervous about speaking in front of a large crowd. Anxiety is expected in these situations and might even help you meet a deadline or deliver a successful presentation. However, when anxiety is persistent, no amount of coping…

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Crouched person sitting alone on the floor.

3 Simple Ways to Cope with High Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most mental health disorders in the US. Over  40 million Americans suffer from different levels of anxiety regularly. A significant part of this population segment fails to identify that they suffer from anxiety. This is largely because they’re suffering from high functioning anxiety that doesn’t necessarily present itself with common symptoms. If you suspect that…

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Person suffering from anxiety.

5 Daily Habits to Reduce Anxiety

According to recent estimates, a whopping 19% of the adult population suffers from anxiety disorders. The number only grows every year as more people develop this condition. Anxiety is a crippling disorder that can quickly leave you feeling isolated and unable to cope with your circumstances. Small triggers can send you spiraling deep into the dark pits of anxiety. Do…

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