Mental Health Disorder

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Childhood Roots of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Did you know that around 5-6% of people in the US have a narcissistic personality disorder? This mental condition often has roots in a person’s childhood and is more common in men than women. NPD often causes people to act in chaotic ways that can cause harm to other people. Here’s all you need to know about this mental health problem and…

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Top Factors that Contribute to Positive Adolescent Mental Health

When you’re worrying about grades, getting into good colleges, and making friends, your life is already pretty hard to begin with. Imagine having to deal with mental health problems alongside everyday teenage experiences. Most children in their adolescent years are focused on fitting into the crowd and getting accepted by people they look up to. With so much already uncertain, the…

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Helping Someone You Love with Mood Disorders

Mood disorder is a fairly common mental health disorder that several people may experience. It’s more than just having a difficult day or week; these mood swings can be chronic and adversely affect your life. There are several different types of mood disorders that people can develop. The five major mood disorders include the following: Bipolar disorder Major depressive disorder Dysthymia…

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