Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a common neurobehavioral disorder that affects almost 13% of the children the US. Often undiagnosed, ADHD can continue to adulthood and creates challenges for people in their professional life.

ADHD affects the most mundane tasks like going to the bank, and buying groceries, to bigger social demands like experiencing frustration at social events, sensory overload, and explosive temper.

Although some ADHD symptoms can be manageable, it’s best to seek out behavioral health services if your restlessness and impulsivity start to disrupt your everyday life. If you’re finding it hard to manage your work-life with ADHD, here are some nifty tips that can help.

Improving Attention Span

One of the biggest challenges people with ADHD face is distractibility. But this can be easily solved. When you’re at work, request a private cubicle or workspace that’s farther away from the busy environment of the office. You can even use white noise earphones and listen to Lo-fi music that helps the front lobe of your brain remain focused.

Try to perform one task at a time. Write any incoming ideas down in a notebook to go through them later. This will help to avoid any interruption in your current task.

Managing Hyperactivity

If your work requires a lot of physical activity, then your ADHD hyperactivity can actually be beneficial. But for a sedentary job, you can take intermittent breaks to walk around the office building. Prevent restlessness by writing down any thoughts and ideas in a notebook, and move around more often after finishing a task.

How to Manage Tasks Like a Pro

People with ADHD have a hard time managing and organizing tasks. The trick is to prioritize and organize by making to-do lists of all the things you need to accomplish and dealing with the most important tasks first.

Keep a planner and mark tasks that are time-sensitive, most urgent, and less important. Break down big projects into smaller segments which will make cumbersome tasks appear less overwhelming.

Try not to multitask because dividing attention between two projects will affect your productivity and the quality of work.

Managing Time

Keep a wristwatch with you at all times and make a note by writing the time down or saying it out loud. You can set up alarms to alert yourself when the time for a particular task is up. For longer tasks, set your alarm to go off at regular intervals allowing yourself to take breaks in-between.

Always write down reminders for yourself about important appointments which will ensure you reach there on time.

A person writing in a notebook.

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